Right Coast Logistics, Inc. has the capability to handle the daily and peak capacity requirements of shippers while providing unparalleled service at competitive rates. We have a broad carrier base with many of our 3,000+ carriers, who are satellite equipped for instant tracking on any shipment. RCL has access to any type of equipment required for transportation across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

We can provide immediate spot quote rates, or offer competitive, long-term rates for customers with those requirements. At your request, we can also analyze your transportation network and implement a plan that coincides with your demands and equipment.

"I often receive loads on my desk last minute and late in the day. That is when I call RCL. They are always able to pick up the freight promptly and get it to its destination point in time to make the scheduled delivery appointment."

"Recently, my freight volume has doubled. RCL took on the challenge and maintained a high service level."


Right Coast Logistics, Inc. has grown our expertise in transporting various commodities over the years. What began with the hauling of consolidated postal mail loads has expanded to shipping everything from raw materials, packaging products and plastic materials, to finished goods ready for store shelves. RCL has extensive knowledge in the transporting of specialty foods for major manufacturers in the northeast United States.

RCL welcomes working with logistics managers for larger companies, shipping managers and loading dock personnel. No transportation move is too large or too small. We have worked with national companies that have numerous warehouses and dock doors as well as small manufacturers that ship locally.

"Many of my deliveries are blind shipments. I never have to worry; Right Coast gets it there without identifying the origin every time."

"My boss regularly makes changes with our loads; RCL adapts accordingly and still finds a way to get the job done."


Right Coast Logistics, Inc. values the client relationship. Becoming a partner with RCL, whether a shipper or carrier, guarantees personal attention. Our customers have the opportunity to reach RCL at any time via phone or email to inquire about their freight. RCL prides itself on its ability to quickly respond to any questions or concerns within the same business day. The bottom line: RCL is always open.

Clients and carriers have the option to utilize online tools to track any information they may need. For those interested in managing their freight online, RCL will provide a username and password. Carriers can also access available loads through RCL's Load Board.

Make that initial phone call, or send that first email, and from there RCL will take the lead. Rest assured that along the way, you will have complete access and visibility to your freight.

"Our product gets produced late in the afternoon, the delivery orders come in after 5PM. I still am able to get in touch with RCL after business hours to set up my pick ups for the next day."

"It never fails, I call Right Coast, and they call back ready to go to work for me."